Herd Sires

Natural Sires

SH Revulution C680
REG#: 43663956

  • Top 5% of the breed in economic trait weighting of Baldy Maternal Index and Sustained Cow Fertility.
  • Adds stretch, calves easy, nice udders, strengthens carcass and daughters stay in the herd.
  • Profitable! Top 5% in key economic traits of calving ease, maternal calving and carcass traits.

RV 9021 MR HEREFORD 5921
REG#: 43613896

  • Used heavily in past four seasons and is the “go to heifer bull”
  • Lowers birthweight, mature cow weight and increases milk + fertility.
  • Breeds efficiency! With smaller stature, still breeds in muscle and carcass. Progeny to date have averaged Ribeye Scan of 102% of herd average.

REG#: 43707388

  • Used in breeding seasons of 2018 and 2019.
  • His dam had nine calves, with in-herd BWR 97%, WW 104% and 100% YW
  • Spread bull from birth to weaning weight growth. His calves to date have averaged 83 lbs. and is second in herd sire group for weaning weight.

AI Sires

R 0141 North Star 50B  
Reg. #: 43495965

  • 50B has it all, great carcass, moderate birth weights, great disposition, longevity, exceptional females, explosive growth, and unmatched depth and thickness.
  • Leading sire group for weaning weight the last two years for Mader Farms.
  • 3 sons used in the Mader Farms Herd Bull Battery in 2019.

NJW 84B 10W Journey 53D
Reg. #: P43721750

  • 53D is a homozygous polled bull that is calving ease with performance.
  • He is backed by a very productive Dam, NJW 16S 100W Joey 84B in the successful NJW Program from Wyoming.
  • His calves are light birth weight, pigmented and loaded with quality.
  • Go to AI sire for all Mader Farms heifers.

R New York 5083
Reg. #: P43399385

  • He is calving ease, growth and carcass proven from the large, successful Rausch Herefords in South Dakota.
  • 1st son to be used in Mader Farms herd bull lineup for 2020.

Hills-Galore 44Z Rewind 147E
Reg. #: 43966479

  • "Rewind" is homozygous polled and an outcross to many current Hereford pedigrees
  • Balanced performance that keeps cow size and birthweights moderate.
  • Expecting first calves in 2020.