Mader Farms Inc. is a family owned farm and ranch located in Sheridan County Kansas midway between Kansas City and Denver.  Founded in 1939, Mader Farms has continuously been in the Registered Hereford cattle business for over 75 years.

The original Founders were Jim and Wilma Mader both born in rural Sheridan County.  Today it spans over 3,000 acres of grassland, irrigation and dryland properties that supports 200 head of purebred Hereford cows.

Mader Farms was started from scratch by the Founders, through their labors the farm provided the means to raise and educate eight children.   On the farm, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, local youth have learned how to care for animals, develop 4-H and FFA livestock projects, drive, hunt, work, and likely a few other things they won’t mention to their parents.  

“I am most proud of raising this big batch of kids” – Jim Mader

Jim Mader passed in December of 2013 at the age of 89.   Today, Mader Farms is led by his widow Wilma Mader, plus serving as Trustee are children Shelley Shaw, Dr. Terry Mader and Tracy Mader.   Keith Bowie a close to 30 year employee serves as Herdsman and Shane Bowie a 10+ year employee is Crops Manager.

The Mader cattle herd is foundation horned Hereford and is an outcome of seventy years of selection pressure for functional cattle that can be profitable on the short grass prairies of North West Kansas.  Today the genetic base is a blend of horned and polled Hereford genetics.
This arid environment requires that profitable ranchers keep their costs down by making the most efficient use of their available forage resources and easy fleshing cattle genetics.   Sustainability ole school.

Opportunistic describes the marketing approach of Mader Farms Hereford genetics, pending the needs of customers and the market place.  Mader Herefords genetics have proven versatility.   All females passing breeding service examines are marketed as replacement females to both purebred and commercial breeders.   A select group of bulls are sold private treaty each year, steers are fed out for retained ownership and/or marketed as feeder calves. 

These genetics are proven to adapt when the economics of ranching merit changes to cattle management.

Mader Farms cattle enterprises have always been complimented with crop and feedstuff production.  Crop diversity is ever present in production of dryland wheat, sorghum, alfalfa, corn and irrigated corn plus soybeans.